Starting with Kendo


How do I start with Kendo ?

Visit the dojo to watch a practice. We recommend you to come to the dojo so you can see how we practise and you can ask questions.
If you come on a Saturday, you will see all of the aspects of Kendo with both basic and advanced training.
You can participate in three sessions for free, afterwards you can decide whether you would like to join us.

Do I have to make an appointment?

No need to fix an appointment, our dojo has always some people training at the scheduled dates. Be sure to watch the calendar to see if there is training at Oosterzele.

How much is it?

Adults: 1st member of the family 150 EUR
2nd member of the family 120 EUR
Children: 1st member of the family 100 EUR
2nd member of the family 90 EUR
3rd member of the family 75 EUR
Insurance VKIJF (obligatory) 36 EUR
Bogu rental 40 EUR


Is there a possibility for private training ?

Kenseikan does not offer private training, as training with fellow kendoka is a central aspect in Kendo practice.

From which age can I start?

You have to be at least 7 years to start Kendo.

What should I bring ?

When you are just starting, we will provide you with the necessary equipment. Just bring sweat pants and a T-shirt. Once you are more experienced you can purchase or rent the necessary equipment (Shinai, Bokuto, Keikogi and a Hakama)